10 Habits of Highly Successful Communicators

10 Habits of Highly Successful Communicators

Staff Challenges

  • Many of our staff, from new graduates to executives, can’t get their points across quickly.
  • Our staff are way too passive and need to become more assertive and direct—while using the appropriate tone.
  • Collaboration, especially among teams, is a big problem for us.
  • Some persuasive skills would really help us in dealing with head office.


With this course, staff gain 10 of the most useful habits of highly successful global communicators–and can walk back to their cubicle and use immediately. Anyone from experienced communicators needing to upgrade their skill sets to fresh graduates can benefit from this course.

Learning Approach

We use a variety of learning methods: Simulations, Role Plays, Habit Activities, and Discussions.

Course Information

The course provides staff with 10 vital habits: 01 Projecting Confidence; 02 Using Pyramid Logic; 03 Shrinking the Pyramid; 04 Using Proper Tone; 05 Delivering Ideas Logically; 06 Controlling with Questions; 07 Participating Actively; 08 Being a win-win Problem Solver; 09 Persuading Effectively; and 10 Being Assertive.

Delivery Options

  • 1-day Course: for high intermediate to native participants at your office.
  • 2-day Course: for up to intermediate participants at your office.