10 Leadership Communication Habits

10 Leadership Communication Habits

Staff Challenges

  • Our leaders sometimes lack the communication skills appropriate for someone of their position.
  • Some of the leaders in our global office need to become more assertive and direct, using the appropriate tone.
  • Some tips on motivating staff and providing constructive appraisals and feedback would be useful.
  • Many of our leaders are successful in our domestic style, but have problems leading Global employees.


With this course, your leaders or leaders-to-be cover 10 of the most essentials habits of highly successful leaders–and can walk straight back to their offices and use immediately. Whether they be seasoned leaders, or up-and-coming high potentials, they can all benefit from this course.

Learning Approach

The use a variety of learning methods: Simulations, Role Plays, Habit Activities and Discussions

Course Information

The course provides staff with 10 essential leadership habits: 01 Project Confidence; 02 Understand Others; 03 Use Pyramid (Main Point First) Logic; 04 Present Powerfully; 05 Give Vision; 06 Communicate Logically; 07 Lead Meetings; 08 Appraise and Give Feedback; 09 Negotiate and Problem Solve; and 10 Motivate Employees.

Delivery Options

  • 1-day Course: for high intermediate to native leaders or potential leaders at your office
  • 2-day Course: extended version provides extra exercises and more thorough coverage of each challenge