7 Global Logic Tools

7 Global Logic Tools

Staff Challenges

  • My team needs a boost in their creativity and problem solving skills.
  • We need to be more strategic in how our senior staff think and act.
  • Internal communication lacks any structure and brevity: we need to say more with less.
  • Some persuasive skills would really help us in dealing with head office.


With this course, staff gain a set of ‘7 Global Logic Tools’. Anyone from experienced managers needing to upgrade their skill sets to team leaders can benefit from this course.

Learning Approach

We use a variety of learning methods: Simulations, Role Plays, Activities, and Discussions.

Course Information

The course provides staff with 7 vital habits: 01 Using Pyramid Logic; 02 Asking ‘Outside the Box’ Questions; 03 Using Fermi Estimates; 04 Delivering Ideas Logically; 05 Solving Problems Logically + MECE; 06 Conducting SWOT Analysis; and 07 Persuading Logically.

Delivery Options

  • 1-day Course: for high intermediate to native participants at your office
  • 2-day Course: for up to intermediate participants at your office