7 Presentation Modes

7 Presentation Modes

Staff Challenges

  • My team seem to put each other to sleep in our weekly meetings—I worry that we’ll do the same to clients.
  • All our presentations—from 2-minute morning blasts to town halls—need to be more logical and structured.
  • Some of us give decent prepared presentations, but fall apart in the unscripted Q & A.
  • We’re all lacking pizzazz, from voice techniques and gestures to our phrases and visual aids.


With this course, staff gain the 35 skill sets and 7 presentation modes needed to pull off presentations which really get results, whether they be internally with departments and overseas branches, etc. or externally with clients, vendors, etc. Both experienced presenters (who need to take their presentations to the next level) and those with much less experience, but a lot of current demand, can benefit from this course.

Learning Approach

This course focuses on maximizing participant speaking, using as many actual work-related situations as possible. We use a variety of learning methods: Globus Case Studies, Real Case Studies, Logic Exercises, FAQ, and Discussions.

Course Information

The course provides participants with the 7 presentation modes (which are exhaustive but which can be used in many combinations) they need for all internal and/or external presentation scenarios. Key elements include 35 skills sets such as using ‘Pyramid’ (logical) Grouping, Using ‘Tone Zones’, and Using Face and Body to deliver world-class presentations.

Delivery Options

  • 1-day Course: for high intermediate to native participants at your office.
  • 2-day Course: for up to intermediate participants at your office.