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Global Skills Assessment: BISA

Global Skills Assessment: BISA

Global Skills Assessment: BISA

Staff Challenges

  • There is no quantifiable way to know how good or bad, or fast or slow our department’s communication is.
  • It would be great to measure the progress of participants taking our communication courses.
  • Managers need an assessment tool to coach staff on their global communication.
  • Some analytical data on my team’s communication would help me assign tasks.


From this interview assessment, participants gain feedback on 70 vital skill sets and the 10 essential components needed to communicate in the contemporary business world—using 4 simulation case studies which involve an industry-first interactive interview simulation process. This assessment is for any staff dealing with global communication in their daily job, from your beady-eyed new grads to your most senior execs.

Assessment Approach

Through a pipeline process, participants undertake a 1-hour 1-on-1 assessment consisting of 4 short intricately-constructed case role plays which assess and generate a 1,000-point report in 4 key communication areas (presentations, negotiations, meetings/discussions and office communications) measuring 70 key skill sets and providing customized feedback. This is an industry-first which has the emphatic thumbs-up from senior players in some famous multinational corporations.

Delivery Options

  • Pipeline Method: Using two separate rooms at your office (one for preparation and one for the assessment) we can assess up to 14 of your staff per day (per assessor).
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