Business Survivor

Business Survivor

Staff Challenges

  • Our staff need to brush-up on their global office communication essentials.
  • We all could use some help with our inter-team communication skills.
  • Some of our staff need a basic problem solving template to increase their efficiency.
  • Some simple presenting and persuading skills would really help us in dealing with head office.


With this course, staff work through 12 ‘challenges’ in a fun, dynamic, group-oriented session. The course is best for basic level non native participants (around 500 TOEIC) who are required to communicate in a variety of global office situations.

Learning Approach

We use a variety of learning methods as we proceed through the challenges: Simulations, Role Plays, Written Exercises, and Discussions.

Course Information

The course takes staff through 12 ‘challenges’: 01 Making an Impression; 02 Introducing Yourself; 03 Collaborating with a Team; 04 Getting Boss’s Cooperation; 05 Giving Cooperation; 06 Socializing and Introducing Others; 07 Reporting Ideas; 08 Being Win-Win Problem Solvers; 09 Participating in Meetings; 10 Presenting Ideas; 11 Persuading Effectively; and 12 Handling a Project Party

Delivery Options

  • 1-day Course: basic level (around 500 TOEIC) non native participants at your office.
  • 2-day Course: extended version provides extra exercises and more thorough coverage of each challenge.