Coaching Coaching


Executive Challenges

  • As the new CEO, I need to project more confidence in town halls, overseas conference calls, etc.
  • At my high level, it is hard to get any honest and constructive feedback internally.
  • Our executives need to find a way to produce at their potential or beyond.
  • A key player in our firm needs some skills and strategies to communicate at a much higher level.


Through confidential 1-on-1 sessions, executives gain an empowered self-image, high-impact presence, authenticity, etc.–plus a comprehensive check of executive communication skills. Executives needing to fine-tune their image and/or boost their executive communication skills can benefit from the coaching.

Coaching Approach

Our interactive results-based approach focuses on helping them move quickly from A (where they are) to B (where they need to be)–plus each week the Executives are asked to bring for discussion global communication/cross cultural issues they are facing or will face (Handling a passive management team; empowering ‘followers’ to ask for feedback; etc.). After every session, executives walk back to their big desks armed with new strategies for handling issues—plus constructive tips on improving their global communication.

Coaching Cases

Senior Executive Presentation Coaching: We are frequently requested by clients to provide coaching for senior executives who are due to give presentations to the highest-level executives in their firms. These can be ad hoc requests of 1 or 2 sessions; or can be culminations of longer periods working together. We start by grasping the data and probing to ensure the executive is planning to present it in the clearest, most persuasive possible terms. This questioning process draws out the message, sometimes very deeply buried due to local language protocols, in a manner that allows it to retain authenticity, even in its directness, to the executive. This authenticity is absolutely crucial if the executive is to deliver it with punch. Once this is done, we then move through the structure and language to the delivery elements: the presentation deck, and body and voice techniques. In many cases we take this right up to “dress rehearsal” which we do as close as possible to the actual presentation itself.

Template Devising: Since Globus’s key competence is in standardizing communication processes, we are often pulled in to this by senior executives during coaching sessions. After sessions which are usually incredibly dynamic and highly energetic, the executive walks out with a template: whether it be a standardized meeting agenda format that can be distributed to team leaders, a list of top 10 questions which can be used during the process of in an internal hire, or a series of client-specific proposal templates which can be posted on a client’s internal web thereby facilitating a more efficient team- or even organization-wide proposal style.

Evaluation Coaching: There’s always a 360 around the corner, which might just be another reason they’re called 360s! Evaluations are hugely important within organizations, but they also tend to be enormously time-consuming. Because of this, Globus coaches are sometimes requested to assist here. We might take a top performer example and a bottom performer example to start with, and work thoroughly through these with the executive. That process enables the executive to realize better paragraph structuring guidelines (for both strengths and recommendations), and generates a starter list of general phrases which can be used within any organization-specific evaluation system, thus pushing the executive to higher levels of efficiency in the generation process.

Delivery Options

  • Project Based: Several sessions for specific activities such as town hall presentations, chairing an upcoming regional conference, etc. usually totaling 2-5 hours.
  • Ongoing Development Based: Weekly sessions over 3-6 months.