Consulting Consulting


Company Challenges

  • Global sales wants someone to observe their monthly Asia Pacific teleconference–and then consult their team on how to be more assertive and persuasive.
  • We have to overhaul our company-wide training programs but I don’t know where to start.
  • A qualification system for placement in a firm’s overseas management positions has to be designed.
  • One of our senior managers just called me asking for a customized training DVD.


Drawing on our more that 20 years of experience, we consult clients on a range of challenges and needs as listed above.

Consulting Cases

Training DVD Screenwriting: Our consulting services extend in directions that may seem a little surprising—like script writing. Recently, the Japan office of one of the world’s largest financial institutions (which frequently puts its staff through our training courses) approached us with a new request. They wanted us to write the screenplay for an internal training movie they were developing. Since the training movie was to be designed to highlight the key differences between the local style of communication and the “global” style of communication when interacting with global clients, they certainly came to the right place! We worked intensively with the client under a tight timeframe to produce a shooting draft, and the client was delighted with the result. The movie was shot, and is now part of that client’s internal training curriculum.

Company-wide Communication Overhaul: English may be the 1 common language in your multi-cultural office–but there may be 100’s of different communication styles. As a result, even making a simple request for assistance on a project can become complicated with so many different communication styles. This is not a new problem. However, setting up systems where all staff are required to communicate using the same ‘Company-Standard’ Communication is a new solution. And this is where Globus can help. We can look at the way your staff communicate and help by designing communication templates—for anything from 30-second telephone pitches to team meeting formats, or even the way your entire workforce approaches emailing—which produce consistently faster results and allow you to focus on your business, and less on the communication problems obstructing it.

Assessment Design: One of our 20 plus-year clients came to us with a problem: they needed to know if their candidates for overseas placement could survive in an overseas office. There was no assessment out there which could quickly provide quantifiable data on an examinee’s global communications skills. Sure, there were plenty of English tests, but nothing came close to providing grades on such things as Assertiveness, Logic, Politeness, or Body and Voice skills. And through this collaboration with our client, the Globus BISA (Business Interaction Simulation Assessment) was born. This industry-first interview-style assessment also provides quantifiable data on your staff’s skill levels (i.e. in Presentations, Negotiations, Communication and Discussions), and these results can be used as a reliable diagnostic tool determining strengths, weaknesses–and training needs. Alternatively BISA can form an essential part of any selection processes for overseas assignments, or even as a self-training resource. The success of BISA led to the creation of ESA (Email Simulation Assessment) and RESA (Report Simulation Assessment).