Why is effective email communication vital to managing a remote workforce?

In a recent article on the Huffington Post, Syed Balkhi founder of WPBeginner discuss the importance of effective email communication for managing a remote workforce.

In his article Syed says email is the most commonly used form of communication when it comes to running a business with remote employees working in different time zones. He says that Managers and CEOs need to be able to manage their inboxes in an efficient manner and train their employees to answer emails promptly especially regarding any customer related issues.

His top tips are :

  1. • Train everyone to reply to emails in a clear and concise manner. Make sure to address the important key points in your reply to avoid unnecessary back and forth.

  2. • If you cannot act on a message or a request by a team member right away, send a quick note letting them know you will get back to them soon. Don’t leave them hanging.

  3. • If there are documents that need revisions and team collaboration, use tools that can be accessed by the team instead of sending it as an attachment. Two great collaboration options are Google Docs/Drive, Trello or Basecamp.

  4. • If a communication issue cannot be resolved by email, pick up the phone to make sure the message is clear and nothing is left to chance.