Giving a Presentation – Offering a Solution

Sometimes it is necessary to give a presentation where you address a problem and suggest a solution or an improvement. After you have made the introduction to your presentation and outlined the problem in detail, it is important to offer a suitable solution to the problem. In a good presentation there are four stages to this process.

1. Transition – Make a transition from presenting the problem to offering a solution
2. Solution – State the solution to the problem.
3. Details – Give the specific details of the solution.
4. Summery – Give a brief summary of the solution.

Here are some useful phrases for your introduction:
1. Transition – Now, let’s go over some possible solutions.
2. Solution – The first solution is …
3. Details – In detail …
4. Summary – So … is my first solution.

Now, let’s go over some possible solutions. The first solution is Employee Exchanges. In detail, this would include exchanging employees between departments for limited periods of time, such as 1-2 months. These would improve