Giving a Presentation – Offering a Solution

Sometimes it is necessary to give a presentation where you address a problem and suggest a solution or an improvement. After you have made the introduction to your presentation, outlined the problem in detail, and offered a suitable solution, the final thing to do is conclude your point. In a good presentation there are three stages to this process.

  1. 1. Transition – Make a transition from offering a solution to concluding your presentation
  2. 2. Purpose – State the purpose of your presentation.
  3. 3. Agenda – Remind the audience of your solution

Here are some useful phrases for your introduction:

  1. 1. Transition – In conclusion …
  2. 2. Purpose – Today I have reviewed a problem with….
  3. 3. Agenda – And I introduced 3 possible solutions….

In conclusion … Today I have reviewed a problem with communication. And I introduced 3 possible solutions: Employee Exchanges, Shared Department Lunches and Intranet Bulletin Board.