Giving a Presentation – Offering a Solution

Sometimes it is necessary to give a presentation where you address a problem and suggest a solution or an improvement. After you have made the introduction to your presentation it is important to outline the problem in details. In a good presentation there are four stages to this process.

  1. 1. Transition – Make a transition from the introduction of your presentation to the details of the problem.
  2. 2. Problem – State the problem that needs to be addressed.
  3. 3. Details – Give the specific details of the problem.
  4. 4. Summery – Give a brief summary of the problem.

Here are some useful phrases for your introduction:

  1. 1. Transition – So, let’s start with the problem.
  2. 2. Problem – The problem is …
  3. 3. Details – In detail …
  4. 4. Summary – In brief, that covers the problem.

So, let’s start with the problem. The problem is communication between departments. In detail we are experiencing problems between several departments in our company. Numerous staff members from various departments have raised concerns about such issues as project delays and slow response time. They’ve also mentioned lack of up-to-date information, and departmental disagreements. In brief, that covers the problem.