Meetings & Teleconferences

Meetings & Teleconferences

Staff Challenges

  • Our department meetings always run over by at least 30 minutes—often without any decisions or clear results.
  • How can I be a better leader as I always lose control of discussions in my teleconferences?
  • I don’t have enough confidence or skills to even interrupt or express my point in our morning meetings.
  • Many of our quieter staff escape a one-hour meeting without offering much needed ideas/suggestions.


With this course, staff gain the 32 skill sets needed to participate in and/or facilitate business teleconferences, web meetings, meetings & discussions—plus learn to apply this skill set in the 7 varieties of meetings. Anyone from experienced facilitators to young staff needed to participate effectively can benefit from this course.

Learning Approach

We use a variety of learning methods: Simulated Meetings, Role Plays, Meeting Activities, Trainer-led Facilitator and Participant Assessments and Discussions.

Course Information

The course provides facilitators with 20 vital skills sets (Opening Effectively, Controlling Flow, Summarizing, etc.) and meeting participants with 20 skill sets (Making Quick Points, Interrupting, Giving Rationale, etc.). Both facilitators and participants apply these skills in 7 key meeting varieties: Status Updates, Problem-Solution, Cause-Effect, Comparative, Breakdowns/Allocations, Procedural/Time, and Persuasive Strategy Meetings.

Delivery Options

  • 1-day Course: for high intermediate to native participants at your office.
  • 2-day Course: for up to intermediate participants at your office.