Persuasive Communication

Persuasive Communication

Staff Challenges

  • Operations are having trouble getting other departments to cooperate with new policies.
  • The head office in New York never seems to accept our ideas and proposals.
  • Our salespeople and traders lack the persuasive strategies to get targeted results.
  • Many seemingly good ideas seem to lack any substance and support to get approved.


From this course, staff gain 15 skill sets needed to persuade and influence others—plus the ability to apply these skill sets in 4 key areas: Email, Proposals, Discussions/Negotiations, and Presentations. Anyone from experienced salespeople to new team leaders needing some persuasive power can benefit from this course.

Learning Approach

This course focuses on actual work-related topics plus our own cases. We use a variety of learning methods: Actual Participant Topic Review, Case Studies, Logic Exercises, FAQ, and Case Answer Discussions.

Course Information

The course provides participants with a useful template they apply in-class to 4 communication modes: persuasive email, proposals, face-to-face discussions/negotiations, and persuasive presentations. Key elements include the use of the 4 Persuasive Tools (Examples, Comparisons, Expansion and Conversion) and Overcoming Objections.

Delivery Options

  • 1-day Course: for high intermediate to native participants at your office.
  • 2-day Course: for up to intermediate participants at your office.