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Report Skills Assessment: RESA

Report Skills Assessment: RESA

Report Skills Assessment: RESA

Staff Challenges

  • There is no way to know how good or bad, or fast or slow our department’s report writers are.
  • It would be great to measure the progress of participants taking our report writing course.
  • Managers need an assessment tool to coach staff on their unorganized 2-page messages and reports.
  • Some analytical data on my team’s writing speed and effectiveness would help me assign tasks.


From this assessment, participants gain feedback on 45 vital skill sets needed to write reports effectively and quickly, plus learn their writing speed—using 1 simulation case study. This assessment is for staff writing detailed messages and/or reports on a weekly or monthly basis.

Assessment Approach

After receiving the case data, participants are timed as they type up a report. We then assess and generate a 1000-point report measuring their Logic (400 points max), Phrasing (200), Layout (200), Tone (100) and Language (100) and Speed Rating %.

Delivery Options

  • Group: Completed as a group in a training room with computers.
  • Individually: Completed individually at their desks via email and self-timed.
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