Speaking Writing And Telephoning (SWAT) Course

Speaking Writing And Telephoning (SWAT) Course

Staff Challenges

  • Some of my team members are wasting time when writing even simple English emails.
  • We get very poor results when dealing with non Japanese over email or telephone.
  • Many of my staff panic when they have to speak English over the telephone.
  • Some members don’t even handle basic English communications situations (like handshakes and greetings) professionally.


With this session, staff get the basic skill sets needed to effectively Speak, Write and Telephone in a global office. This session is for beginners in global offices who need a practical logical foundation for communication as well as some sure-fire tips and phrases.

Learning Approach

To make it easier for participants in this lower English level course, we use a standard format of exercises, and writing and speaking activities which have been specifically designed by Globus.

Course Information

Course introduces the 6 basic modes of communication: Requests, Information, Rejections, Problems, Apologies, and Goodwill; and also introduces some essential communication tips for skills such as initial greetings, small talk and conversation flow.

Delivery Options

  • 1-day Course: for basic level (around 500 TOEIC) participants who need to use a small amount of written and spoken English in their daily work.