Successful Global Presentation Tips 2

2. Wake Them Up

How? With an ‘Attention Getter’. Imagine you are about to give a presentation on ‘Stress in the Workplace.’ Some possible attention getters are Questions (e.g. ‘Did you know that workplace stress greatly affects our profits?’), Shocking Statements (e.g. ‘Stress in the workplace leads to an average loss in productivity of USD 1,000 per employee per year!’), Quotes (e.g. ‘My colleague told me this morning she was dying from stress.’) Jokes (e.g. ‘Stress? I can’t feel it because I’m numb up here in front of all of you!’), and Props (e.g. ‘Squeeze this stress ball to lower your stress level.’). Whatever attention getters you choose, make sure they: (a) relate to your topic, (b) are quick (i.e. 20 seconds or less), and (c) don’t backfire (i.e. like a bad joke). 02