Email Writing Course

Email Writing Course

Staff Challenges

  • I feel my team is wasting too much time responding to the 100’s of emails they get every day—and they don’t seem to know how to structure any of their messages.
  • People in NY, Hong Kong and London never respond to our deadlines on time.
  • Our Singapore branch is constantly complaining to us that they can’t even understand the point of a lot of our emails.
  • Our Operations Department continues to get complaints about their strongly worded requests.


With this session, staff get the 29 skill sets covering global email logic, professional layout techniques, appropriate tone, and standard business phrasing. Email topics ranging from requesting overseas assistance on a project to handling a sensitive client issue will be covered. This session is a vital refresher for native and/or experienced email writers as well as a practical foundation for rookie writers.

Learning Approach

Our courses are highly interactive and work-related. We use a variety of learning methods: Actual Participant Email Review, Case Studies, Logic Exercises, FAQ, and Case Answer Discussions.

Course Information

Course covers the 7 comprehensive email types: Requests, Announcements/Updates, Rejections, Problems, Apologies, Goodwill and Persuasion.

Delivery Options

  • 1-day Course: for intermediate to native participants at your office preferably delivered on training room computers
  • 2-day Course: for up to intermediate participants at your office preferably delivered on training room computers
  • Online Coaching: for receiving individual feedback on actual email and/or case studies over a 5 – 10 week period
  • Pre/Post Email Assessments: for providing quantifiable measurements of speed and use of 29 skill sets